CXC introduces online exam for 2014

The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) created history in Grenada with the completion of the first ever CAPE Digital Media Syllabus orientation video.

The video was successfully completed last week Friday following a region-wide multi-stakeholders process.

It features a new CAPE-level Digital Media Syllabus for implementation in schools in September and first examination in May or June 2014.

The strategy for the syllabus was developed in collaboration with CXC’s civil society partner Congress WBN, a Trinidad-based international non-profit organisation.

Under a collaborative partnership agreement, the organisations, have partnered to use technology to improve the delivery of education in the Caribbean.

The accelerated CXC CAPE Digital Media Syllabus implementation strategy is a direct product of this collaboration.

BrightPath Foundation, a Trinidad-based technology education non-profit and a team of teachers, CXC officers and volunteer digital media specialists working together to produce the orientation video facilitated the recording of the CXC CAPE Digital Media Syllabus.

Assistant Registrar/Syllabus and Curriculum Development Caribbean Examinations Council, Cheryl Stephens, said the production of the CAPE Digital Media Syllabus is another offerings at the CAPE level to cater to not only computer science and Information Technology students but also anyone interested in digital media.

The Syllabus consists of two units, Unit 1, Digital Media Fundamentals and Unit 2, Applied Digital Media.

The syllabus breaks new digital ground for the Council, as students will be allowed to share knowledge, review case studies; and create solutions; all using digital media.

The CXC External Assessment will also be delivered electronically for both the multiple choice and practical tasks components of the paper. This is another first for the Council.

Bevil Wooding, Chief Knowledge Officer, Congress WBN’s Executive Director, BrightPath Foundation (Video Production Coordinator for the initiative) says that technology has transformed the region over the years thus impacting the people with continued reliance on technology.

He said that this issue prompted discussion on educating the region’s children in relation to the movement of technology, and the development of the Syllabus is in response to the growing technological advances using more Caribbean digital content.

Wooding is impressed with the record time in which the syllabus was completed with the use of technology.

He said that the production of the syllabus in a little more than a year is the fastest ever created by the team as the process takes some two to three years to be completed.

In addition to the syllabus orientation video, Wooding and his BrightPath team of volunteers are putting together Caribbean-centric reference texts, digital and physical teaching aids targeted at teachers, students and parents.

The goal is to increase the cadre of digital media practitioners, such as creators, animators, web developer, graphic artistes and mobile app develop, and secure the skillsets and knowledge base to support the emerging Caribbean digital economy.

Telecommunications provider, Columbus Communications, Grenada, made its CC6 Community Station studio resources available to CXC for the occasion.

Country Manager, Gail Purcell said that “over the years CC6 has played an integral role in local media production, and therefore working along with BrightPath on this initiative is a natural extension of our commitment to supporting local and regional production that hold relevance to teachers and students … in technology-based education.”

She said that FLOW sees the importance of this initiative in the long-term development of the region’s human resource and did not hesitate to be a part of the process when approached by CXC and BrightPath.

CXC is exploring the possibility of applying the approach taken for the Digital Media Syllabus to other subject areas.

Dr. John Andor, Assistant Registrar Caribbean Exhibition Council, EDPD Barbados says that the certification from this online syllabus will be valid throughout the world and the judging criteria’s remains the same.


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