$100, 000.00 gone missing!!!

Garvey Louison says approximately $100,000.00 gone

Garvey Louison says approximately $100,000.00 gone

Promoters of the successfully staged “Saving Souls” concert were robbed in excess of $100,000.00 as one of their own, “CJ Thomas” whose real name is Cornelius Thomas, allegedly raked in the ticket sales and fled the country.

Two weeks after The New Today’s exposure of “Osron Irwen Dennis, “Mr. King”, “Mr. Matrix”, local law enforcement officials were called in to investigate allegations that the Vincentian national in cahoots with Thomas fled the country with the proceeds from the sale of tickets.

The show, which attracted thousands of patrons, was staged at the National Stadium on June 15, with the highlight being a performance from international famed Pastor Donald McClurkin and his full choir and band.

Accountant Garvey Louison, who was involved in the planning and execution of the show, confirmed to The New Today on Tuesday via a telephone conversation that approximately $100,000.00 was allegedly collected by Thomas.

He said the organisers have every reason to believe that the man believed to be the mastermind of the scheme was working “in cahoots” with “Mr. King” or “Mr. Matrix” whichever name he uses.

According to Louison, Thomas was associated with the staging of the Savings Souls Concert as part of a group of people called “Committee For Good Movement,” a local group that worked together with the sponsors – Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN), RUSH TV and “The Grenada Association of Evangelicals”.

Louison said he himself is a member of the Evangelical body and Thomas’ responsibility as part of the group was mainly public relations.

He told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that information gathered is that Thomas and “Mr. Matrix” boarded a LIAT flight at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) destined for Barbados on the same day of the show (around midday).

He said that what is not known is whether the two remained in Barbados or traveled to another destination separately or together.

Louison could not determine the true nationality of Thomas but said he is believed to have linkages in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Accountant, a former Accountant-General in the Ministry of Finance, told this newspaper that without the consent of the promoters, Thomas collected monies from the eight ticket outlets throughout the country for the popular Saving Soul’s Concert.

He said that while they have concrete evidence regarding Thomas’ involvement in the illegal act, there is only suspicion that he was working in concert with the other suspect in picking up the monies and then moving out of the country.

Louison disclosed that the matter has been reported to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) with the hope that both civil and criminal charges could be brought against anyone implicated in the theft of the funds.

Osron Irwen Dennis, Mr King”, “Mr Matrix”

Osron Irwen Dennis, Mr King”, “Mr Matrix”

Another group member, Godson Thomas who spoke to THE NEW TODAY said that “Mr. King”, “Mr. Matrix” and “CJ” have been long-time friends.

The name “Matrix” generated a level of suspicion following a series of articles published in neighbouring St. Vincent and the Grenadines, prompting THE NEW TODAY to investigate the man who fronted as Fun City boss, located in the south of the island (the new location for Carnival City).

In investigating the published articles from St Vincent, it was discovered that “Mr. King’ is also the same “Mr. Matrix” who allegedly short-changed Vincentian nationals after a show he promoted failed to materialise leaving thousands to lose their monies due to a no-show of the top performing artiste.

Patrons reportedly paid thousands of dollars to attend the show, featuring the top Jamaican artiste, Jah Cure in March 2012.

The no-show of Jah Cure led to a near riot at the venue as patrons smashed up the place and resorted to firing weapons into the air after paying top dollars only to be duped of their monies.

When two members of THE NEW TODAY visited “Mr. Matrix” at his Fun City location on the Maurice Bishop Highway on June 4, the promoter admitted that something had gone wrong on the neighbouring island and that he planned to make up with the patrons possible sometime next year with a free show.

He said that he had been lying low in Grenada over the months following the controversial show and was now in the process of trying to rebuild his career in the promotional business.

He suggested to our news team that there could be problems if the paper went ahead and carried the reports about the Vincentian incident.

When asked if he was issuing a veiled threat, “Mr. Matrix” said: “No, no, I was only saying that there could be problems for both you and me”.

The Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) admitted to THE NEW TODAY newspaper that it had dialogue with “Mr. King” with respect to the hosting of Carnival City at Fun City along the Maurice Bishop highway.


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