No “PreeDay” this year

Jab Jab King Tallpree – I can do a calypso

Jab Jab King Tallpree – I can do a calypso

Former Road March Champion, Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge has confirmed to local reporters that there will be no “PreeDay” as part of this year’s Carnival Celebrations.

Tallpree said he decided against staging the show as a mark of respect to seven times Calypso Monarch, King Ajamu who will be marking his 30th anniversary in calypso this year.

To celebrate the anniversary, King Ajamu, whose real name is Edson Mitchell will be having a mega show at the Grenada National Stadium.

However, Tallpree said that on August 8, he will have a much-scaled down show involving some of his international and local friends at the Stadium especially for his fans.

The top soca artiste disclosed that for yet another year he will not be entering into the regular calypso and soca monarch competitions.

“I just want to keep producing good music, entertaining my people because I think sometimes when I compete there is always something going wrong somewhere to me, so I just decided to cool (out) and from the day I cooled (out) I think I’m doing far better, so let me relax that way,” he said.

Tallpree has been a big hit in Trinidad & Tobago calypso since his monster song, Old Woman”.

In 2010, Tallpree entered the local calypso competition and was fortunate to have made it to the semi-final stage.

In commenting on his performance back then, the soca singer who is from Vendomme said he believed that his songs were not well received by the judges.

“They have me questioning myself if I can really do a calypso. I think I can do a calypso, I’ve been doing it, but I think they judge a singing competition and not a calypso competition,” he remarked.

The former Road march Monarch disclosed that he is close to finishing his work at the studio, and assured his fans that they can expect a good season from him.

He spoke of having already released two of his songs – “Jab Jab Nation” and “Bathe Regular.”

Tallpree said he is satisfied that people are continuing to appreciate the music he has been offering to them.

The top soca artiste is now back home after recently conducting a one-month tour that took him to Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Texas and St. Vincent & The Grenadines.


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