LIME moves to regain lost market share

Customers of LIME can now enjoy a new flat rate of $0.40 to call across networks as part of the telecommunication’s provider drive to regain market share that was lost to its competitor, Digicel.

In its quest to secure that lost market share, LIME’s Country Manager Angus Steele challenged his competitor to do likewise by reducing rates.

Steele admitted that when the company’s monopoly was broken in 2003, it recorded a lost in market share. LIME’s current market share is placed at forty-four percent.

According to the local LIME boss, some of the profits obtained by the telecommunications provider is used to support families, communities and events.

He said LIME is a technology company that is committed to moving and improving telecommunications in Grenada as part of national development.

“It is our intention to regain the market share lost, to regain the trust of our customers who still sit in the past to talk about what our rates were, to demonstrate to them now that we’re giving them the best rates, and it is our intention to let our customers know it is time to come back home,” he remarked.

Steele indicated that a request to the National Telecommunication Regulatory Centre (NTRC) to have rates reduced has not been forthcoming so his company has taken the bold step in starting the process.

He also described the $0.25 interconnection rate being too expensive.

“If the Regulators are not going to go forward in the market and do what they need to do in reducing the rates and offering the public the best rates, we are going to take the step,” he said.

The new $0.40 rate was unveiled before the media during a breakfast hosted by LIME on Monday at the Annex of the Grenada Trade Centre in Grand Anse, St. George’s.

Head of Consumer Sales at LIME, Loraine Mitchell disclosed that customers calling a third party mobile phone no longer have to worry about what the rate will be.

With the permanent offer of the new rate, LIME customers calling a LIME fixed line will now be paying $0.40, customers calling LIME to LIME will also pay $0.40, while customers calling LIME to third party mobiles will now pay the same $0.40.

Mitchell indicated that customers should no longer worry about whether they are making a call during the day, evenings or weekends. “It is $0.40 across the board, she said.

In addition, a customer making a call to any of LIME’s regional destination would be subjected to a flat rate of $0.65.

The mobile market in Grenada is placed at eighty-nine percent pre-paid, and eleven percent post-paid.


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