Police Sergeants receive training

ACP Smith Roberts - training is never too much

ACP Smith Roberts – training is never too much

A group of 15 Police Officers who have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant of Police have been given the task to serve as Agents of Change within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) as they have been sent out to serve in their respective communities.

The Police Officers who received promotions last February were exposed to a four-week Supervisors’ Development Course at the Police Training School at Camp Salines, St. George’s that ended last Friday.

During the closing ceremony, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Smith Roberts urged the men to accept and put into effect the training that was instilled in them.

ACP Roberts who is the Officer in Charge of Human Resources and Training within the force stressed that although budgetary support for training is drying up, the RGPF believes that due to the issues that come to the fore from time to time, it is very important that Police Officers at every rank are prepared for what they are supposed to be doing.

“In our society when Officers make a mistake that has some public vintage, everybody says the Officer is not trained or the Police Force is not trained,” he said.

ACP Roberts stated that training is never too much as it serves as a refresher to what was originally learnt.

The top-ranking Police Officer noted that when Police Officers are called out to receive training they are not loosing anything as they receive their full salary.

However, he said that what is of concern is if on completion of the training, they do not implement what was learnt.

The training consisted of two phases with the first focusing on classroom work and theory, while in phase two, the Sergeants of Police were posted at various Police Stations, and were also involved in field exercises.

Insp. -Loxley JohnCourse Coordinator, Sgt Donald Gilbert said the development course is intended to provide continued development of Non-Commission Officers (NCO’s) whom he regarded as “the engine” of the RGPF.

“The Organisation understands fully well that it is important to service any engine to avoid it from breaking down,” he remarked.

Sgt. Gilbert applauded the trainees for being able to find creative ways to boost the morale of their subordinates since, according to him, most of the time the RGPF is faced with limited resources.

He urged the Police Officers who were exposed to the training to continue being a model to their juniors.

Chief Instructor, Inspector Loxley John who also addressed the graduation ceremony indicated that the added and new responsibilities that would be given to the Police Sergeants necessitated the need for the training exercise.

Insp. John pointed out that the training was aimed at enhancing the capability of the Police Officers in areas of supervision, operation and administration.

He said it is now expected that the group of Police Officers who were exposed to the training would now go out and begin to effect change in the wider society since the training staff believes that they have properly equipped them to become changed agents.

“You cannot go back to your Stations and just flow with the tide. You cannot go back and be inactive. There is too much at stake for you not to utilise the training you have just received. You must play your part in helping to transform the RGPF into the real professional Organisation that has been spoken of these many years,” he added.

The group of trainees were exposed to law enforcement, use of force, the functions and duties of the NCO, supervision, briefing and debriefing, communication, building effective communication skills, performance appraisal, managing change, leadership dynamics, first aid, domestic violence, noise pollution, the Child Protection Act, media policy, financial management, the art of public speaking, preparing personal report on paper, as well as cane drills.

Course Participants, Sgt Frankie Roberts of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) believes that they are now prepared to do their job as middle managers and to serve more effectively and efficiently within RGPF.

Sgt. Roberts who gave a perspective of the course said they were enthused, highly zealous and motivated during the classes, which he believes gave them significant knowledge and that speak volume.

He said that as they return to their respective Stations and Branches they are now better able to deal with their subordinates and citizens in a more effective and efficient manner and to help make community and Grenada a much safer place in which to live.


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