Linton objects to Arley Gill

Dominican radio talk show host, Lennox Linton, has written to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) to register his objection by the government of Dominica to appoint Grenadian lawyer/politician Arley Gill as a Magistrate in the country.

The appointment was to have taken effect from June 1, 2013 but informed sources have indicated that the Judicial & Legal Services Commission (JLSC) which is based in St. Lucia, the body that ratifies the appointment, is yet to do so.

Speaking on the matter on state-owned DBS Radio on June 3, Attorney General, Levi Peter, stated that Gill had not taken up his appointment although there were some matters to be clarified.

“Mr. Gill was to have taken up his post as a Magistrate today (June 3 ). I understand that there remains some issues to be clarified … I don’t understand why this has not yet been clarified and why the hold-up. There should have been no hiccups … I will say no more until I satisfy myself that there are some good reasons for the delay”, Peter said.

Some Dominicans have openly voiced their concerns about Gill sitting on the bench in Dominica after he expressed strong support for Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at a Dominica Labour Party rally last year.

Gill and some former members of the now opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) appeared several times on the platform in Dominica in support of PM Skerritt.

According to the Linton letter, which was sent to Peter, Legal Affairs Minister, Ian Douglas, Prime Minister Skerrit and Opposition Leader, Hector John, the objection is on the grounds that Gill is “incapable of judicial impartiality in the current political environment of Dominica since he is an avowed supporter of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit”.

The letter also noted that Gill has appeared on the political platform of Mr. Skerrit here in Dominica to sing his praises as the ‘best leader in the Caribbean.’”

Linton went on to say in the letter, “at a time when Mr. Skerrit and his Cabinet colleagues are victimising political opponents with impunity and hounding qualified national (lawfully nominated by the parliamentary opposition) from their positions on the Integrity Commission, Mr. Gill could not be any more unsuitable for a position in Dominica’s judiciary”.

“To the ends of justice and at the very least, Mr. Gill’s appointment should await the determination of the April 2011 application for judicial review of the decision to appoint Mr. David Bruney to the Integrity Commission,” the letter added.


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