The new Spicemas promoter

Mr MatrixA cloud of suspicion hangs over the head of Fun City businessman, Vincentian born Osron Irwin Dennis alias “Mr King” or “Matrix” as the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) prepares for the opening of Carnival city next week.

The name “Matrix” generated a level of suspicion following a series of articles published in neighbouring St. Vincent and the Grenadines, prompting The New Today to investigate the man behind Fun City, located in the south of the island.

Last year, the carnival organisers used Garfield’s Summer Lime at Lazy Lagoon as the home for Carnival City, however, due to concerns expressed by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) regarding traffic congestion and vending, the SMC was forced to seek an alternative venue.

The state-controlled carnival body accepted an offer from the businessman to use Fun City as the official Carnival City for Spicemas 2013 free of cost, but with full rights to run the bar and for all forms of vending to be controlled by his business (Fun City).

In investigating the published articles from St Vincent, it was discovered that “Mr. King’ is also the same “Mr. Matrix” who allegedly short change Vincentian nationals after a show he promoted failed to materialise leaving thousands to lose their monies due to a no-show of the top performing artiste.

Patrons reportedly paid thousands of dollars to attend the show, featuring the top Jamaican artiste, Jah Cure but it never materialised in March 2012.

The no-show of Jah Cure led to a near riot at the venue as patrons smashed up the place after paying top dollars only to be duped of their monies.

When two members of NEW TODAY visited “Mr. Matrix” at his Fun City location on the Maurice Bishop Highway, the promoter admitted that something had gone wrong on the neighbouring island and that he planned to make up with the patrons possible sometime next year with a free show.

He said that he had been lying low in Grenada over the months following the controversial show and was now in the process of trying to rebuild his career in the promotional business.

He suggested to our news team that there could be problems if the paper went ahead and carried the reports about the Vincentian incident.

When asked if he was issuing a veiled threat, “Mr. Matrix” said: “No, no, I was only saying that there could be problems for both you and me”.

The promoter was also asked to comment on reports in the Vincentian media which questioned his claims that he was born there.

Mr. Matrix quickly pulled out an ID Card and handed it to us. The card issued in the name of the National Insurance Scheme of St. Vincent & The Grenadines indicated that he was born on the island.

He said that he left St. Vincent at a tender age for Trinidad and Tobago where he spent most of his life.

Our investigation led us to call the Vincentian newspapers that published the failed Jah Cure concert.

The Editor of one of the weeklies indicated that “Mr. Matrix” had approached them to co-ordinate on the show but they were suspicious of him and opted out.

“There is something about him that seems odd. If I were you I would be very careful with him”, he quipped.

The new Spicemas promoter for Fun City declined a request made by our news team for us to take a photograph of him.

“No photographs will be given”, he said with a light smile on his face. However, when he was told that that was not a problem since the paper already had one of him, he responded quickly, “How did you get it”.

Mr. Matrix was told that it was a matter for him to find out.

The “Vincentian-born promoter” made a request of THE NEW TODAY not to publish the story about the Jah Cure incident since that could affect his chances of rebuilding his career in show business.

He was told that this was highly unlikely since “the people have a right to know about it and to form their own opinions”.

About 30 minutes after leaving Fun city, Mr. Matrix called one member of our News Team inviting them to come back to see him so that he can give a full story about the St. Vincent episode with Jah Cure.

Minutes later, a man who claimed to be his brother called to issue some thinly veiled threats on the grounds that the newspaper was trying to destroy his brother.

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