Carnival city moves to Fun City – Vendors warned – no vending

Fun City is the new location for Carnival City

Fun City is the new location for Carnival City

Grenadians whose intention is to make money during the staging of the popular Carnival City events are being warned that no vending will be allowed outside Fun City.

This was announced by Chief Executive Officer of the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC), Jennifer Woodroofe during the launch of Spice Mas 2K13 last week Monday.

The popular Carnival City moves from Garfield’s at Kirani James Boulevard (formally Lagoon Road) to Fun City on the Maurice Bishop Highway in Grand Anse.

The SMC CEO says that due to the refusal by vendors over the years to clean up after conducting business, the SMC is taking a no-tolerance stance against vending on the streets surrounding Fun City.

“There will be no vending, no Vending on the side of the road, vending will not be allowed, any part of the street”,

Woodroofe said.

She noted that people who vend often times make more money than the business operators and when they are finished will walk away without cleaning up their garbage and as such this cannot be encouraged.

She said that the owner of the facility has given the SMC permission to use the facility free of cost and the corporation cannot afford to pay people to clean the streets because of negligence by vendors.

She suggests that those vendors interested in plying their business in that area should engage in dialogue directly with the owner of the property.

“We will be asking them to move, and we don’t want it to get ugly so if you need to vend you need to approach the gentleman who owns the place and try to seek some kind of accommodation, but vending on the street will be a problem”, Woodroofe said.

Since the launch of Carnival City in 2011, the event has moved from the ruins of Fort Matthew, in Richmond Hill to Garfield’s Bar at Kirani James Boulevard to its new venue, Fun City.

Speaking with business owner, Osron Irwen Dennis alias “Mr. King” on Tuesday, he told The New Today newspaper that the arrangement with Spice Mas Corporation will entitle him full control of the bar as well as vending.

The promoter confirmed that the facility was offered to SMC free of cost as the event provides publicity/recognition for the venue as he strives to build his business to attract not only students attending St George’s University (SGU) but all Grenadians.

When asked the reason for the change in venue, Administrative Assistant for the SMC, Oslyn Crosby told this newspaper that the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has expressed serious concerns regarding traffic congestion and problems regarding vending along the Kirani James Boulevard.

Simply put, Ms Crosby says, “The police don’t want it.”

An entrance fee to be determined by SMC will have to be paid by patrons upon entry at Fun City when it opens next week Thursday night and thereafter for the carnival events.


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