Murder at Beausejour

Joel “Gouvan” Charles – tried to evade the police noose

Joel “Gouvan” Charles – tried to evade the police noose

A 44-year old mother of five whose dream it was to witness her daughter’s graduation from secondary school next month has been dashed.

Cecilia St. Louis who is formally from Happy Hill, St. George’s, but residing at the nearby village of Beausejour, was discovered dead in a shallow grave last week Friday.

She is believed to have been murdered by 53-year old Joel “Gouvan” Charles who is also known as “Javel” of Beausejour.

Acquaintances of the deceased said she would often brag of looking forward to attending her daughter’s graduation.

The acquaintances said although St. Louis is semi-docile she is always supportive of her children.

They related that whenever she receives the public assistance money from government she would ensure that there is a treat for each of the children.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper has been reliably informed that St. Louis together with a close associate, Jacinta Mason and her daughter were seen being chased by Charles who was allegedly armed with a knife last week Thursday night.

All three women sought refuge at a neighbour’s house.

Later that night, Mason and her daughter moved over to another neighbour’s house, while St. Louis returned to hers.

On Thursday night, a team of fire fighters from the Grenada Fire Service was called out to attend to a house fire in the area.

The wooden house that was completely destroyed belonged to Mason. It is alleged that Charles was the one responsible for setting fire to the house.

There are reports that before Thursday night’s fracas begun, Charles and Mason were involved in an argument as part of a domestic dispute.

This newspaper learnt that the burnt house was built for Mason by members of the Special Services Unit (SSU) as part of the Community Police initiative of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

A resident of the area said Mason was in dire need of the house as some of her children who were residents at the Father Mallaghan’s Home at Victoria, St. Mark’s and were beyond the age limit of continuing to live at the place.

She was taken away by the police and placed in protective custody with her children.

A source who spoke on condition of not being identified said that the following morning some neighbours who went out in search of St. Louis raised the alarm of her possible death after noticing spots of blood in the area.

St. Louis’ body was discovered lying face down, in an abandoned pillar hole close to her house. The hole was covered with pieces of board and galvanise.

It is suspected that the mother of five may have been killed overnight in her own house.

Police have since charged Charles, a cook at the Mt. Gay Mental Home with murder and arson.

A family member of the accused man said she cannot understand what could have caused him to do such acts.

She said that as far as she is aware, Charles was intimate with only Mason.

Charles reportedly went into hiding from the police since Friday, but on Saturday night was captured by a team of Police Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Rapid Response Unit at an unoccupied house in the Beausejour Housing Scheme.

A well placed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that some of the female children of the accused man who were carrying food and other supplies to him, unsuspectingly led a Police Officer to where their father was hiding out.

St. Louis is the second woman to have been murdered for the year.


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