Police clamping down on fraudulent sale of vehicles

The Royal Grenada Police Force is determined to clamp down on people who engage in the fraudulent sale of vehicles.

A Press Release issued by the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) warned persons who are involved in the sale of vehicles and pocketing the monies for their own personal consumption notwithstanding a bill of sale by the financial institution, that it is criminal offence to do so.

The release was issued against the backdrop of a recent increase in reports of persons borrowing monies from financial institutions to purchase vehicles, selling these vehicles and failing to pay back the financial institutions and to complete the process.

A source close to the RGPF related to THE NEW TODAY Newspaper one such incident.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said that an individual who resides at Darbeau, St. George’s obtained a loan from the Grenada Public Service Credit Union to purchase a car.

He said that the individual who had not finished paying back for the car loan then sold the vehicle to a barber for $13,000.00 in 2008.

Seven days later, the barber sold the car which is a Mazda Familiar, to another individual for $15,000.00.

This newspaper learnt that a Baliff who works on behalf of the Credit Union visited the third individual who had control of the car last month to have it reposed.

The source said the Baliff informed the individual who resides at Paraclete, St. Andrew’s that there is a bill of sale on the car that is in default.

“The RGPF is warning persons involved in this practice to desist immediately or face the legal consequences,” the release said.

Persons found guilty of such an offense can face as much as ten years imprisonment.


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