Latest Book Publication launched at local hotel

Book signing

Book signing

Spa Director at ‘Heaven & Earth Spa’, at the Calabash hotel, Hazel (Sally) Dawson On May 13 launched her first Health and Wellness book.

Hazel, who now resides in Grenada, was thrilled of her long held ambition of publishing a compilation of valued health tips.

The book, which is intriguingly titled ‘It’s your Life – Life Choices & Life Advice,’ was unveiled at an event held at Calabash, Lance Aux Epines, St. George’s.

At the event, Hazel welcomed close friends and well-wishers to an evening of champagne and canapes at the hotels’ Bash Bar & Restaurant.

Persons in attendance got an opportunity to purchase signed copies of the book, which is beautifully illustrated throughout with copies of Hazel’s original paintings.

Whilst fulfilling her responsibilities as the Spa Director at ‘Heaven & Earth Spa’, Calabash, Hazel also lectures on reflexology to medical students at St. George’s University.

Hazel has dedicated her life to helping other people and furthering her medical knowledge.

She first qualified as a State Registered Nurse (SRN) in general nursing in England and progressed through various roles culminating her nursing career as Matron of a nursing home in Oxfordshire, England.

‘It’s your Life’ is an engaging collection of Ms. Dawson’s pearls of practical wisdom, gathered over several decades of life experiences, studies, travels and challenges.

Ms. Dawson has an impressive reservoir of knowledge in different aspects of life, much of it arising from her travels to locations such as China and Thailand to study traditional Chinese medicine and Thai massage, Portugal, The Gambia and various Caribbean islands.

A firm believer that knowledge is power, Ms. Dawson has shared her passion by training therapists in Algarve, Portugal, St Lucia and Grenada.




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