Gunman strikes at Gas Station

Police are trying to identify the lone gunman who staged a daring robbery last week Tuesday night at the Texaco Gas Station on Ben Jones Street in Grenville, St. Andrew’s that belongs to former Government Minister, Sylvester Quarless.

A confidential source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the incident took place just as the female gas station Supervisor was awaiting the arrival of Quarless to take control of the day’s financial intake.

The source who spoke on condition of not being named said the unidentified man walked into the office, pointed a gun at the female employee and demanded money.

The bandit escaped with $27,705.32 in cash, and $946.68 in cheques,

According to the source, the female supervisor had just finished counting the money, placed it in the night deposit’s bag for a nearby bank to await the arrival of Quarless when the gunman struck.

This is the second occasion the gas station has been robbed. Last year, a lone gunman managed to escape with $7,345.00 in cash.

No one was apprehended by the police for the incident.


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