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Anya Chow-Chung – we are helping the  farmers

Anya Chow-Chung – we are helping the

A plea has been made to Grenadians to consume as far as possible locally produced foods.

Chief Agriculture Officer Daniel Lewis said that the local population should be given the opportunity to have access to healthy food that is highly nutritious.

Lewis made the comment while addressing the launch of the Health and Wellness Centre at the Foodland chain of Supermarkets in collaboration with the Grenada Network of Rural Women Producers (GRENROP).

The agricultural official said a lot of the problems that are associated with non-communicable diseases have the genesis in a person’s consumption pattern.

He felt that now GRENROP has easy access in marketing its products, it provides Grenadians with a wonderful opportunity to eat healthy.

Acknowledging that the marketing of agricultural products is a challenging aspect, according to Lewis this is a key component in the development of the agriculture industry.

The Chief Agriculture Officer said that he is confident that local producers are capable of performing at the highest level once the market is available.

During the ceremony, the owners of Foodland, George F. Huggins and Company (Grenada) Limited announced that it was putting measures in place to ensure that the local agricultural produce purchased for its chain of supermarkets is bought from bonafide farmers.

Daniel Lewis – eat healthy

Daniel Lewis – eat healthy

The company outlined its plans for the holding of a series of workshop in the area of praedial larceny for its employees.

Anya Chow-Chung who is the Executive Assistance to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, George Menezes said since she began working with the business enterprise, she often heard the CEO who, incidentally is her father, advocating the need for harsher penalty to be meted out for those engaging in praedial larceny.

She said the company is putting mechanisms in place in order to collaborate with the praedial larceny unit of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for a series of workshops for members of staff.

Chow-Chung said the workshops are geared at educating employees of the supermarkets, especially the purchasing officers on the relevant issues surrounding praedial larceny.


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