No boycott took place

Sir Carlyle Glean – served as the Fifth Head of State

Sir Carlyle Glean – served as the Fifth Head of State

Former Governor-General, Sir Carlye Glean did not boycott the May 7th ceremony held at the Trade Centre at Grand Anse to inaugurate his successor, Dr. Cecile La Grenade.

A report put out by another local weekly that is close to the government hinted that Sir Carlyle who was appointed to serve in the position by the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, had snubbed the event.

However, a well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that he was not invited by the State for the inauguration of Dr. La Grenade, the first female Governor-General on the island.

He said that an official on the Office of the Clerk of Parliament later called the former Governor-General and apologised to him for not sending out an official invitation to the swearing-in that was done by local high court judge, Margaret Price-Findley.

“I can assure you that Sir Caryle would have attended the ceremony if an invitation was sent to him. He is not that kind of a person. He is a real gentleman, one of the finest persons you can find in Grenada”, he remarked.

“ I checked out the story and found out that it was just a mere oversight by the Clerk of Parliament office and had nothing to do with Sir Caryle deciding to boycott or stay away from the ceremony for Dr. La Grenade. That is so far from the truth”, he said.

The new GG in her maiden address at the ceremony praised Sir Carlye and another former Governor-General, Sir Daniel Williams for the advice given to her about the job as Head of State.

No announcement has been made by government on the accommodation made for the new Governor-General in light of the fact that the official residence of the Governor-General has not been rebuilt since its destruction in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan.

Sir Carlyle was staying at rented premises in the south of the island that was being paid by the State.

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