Scotiabank celebrates Golden Anniversary

Elie Bendaly – the bank understands the  community it serves

Elie Bendaly – the bank understands the
community it serves

A local financial institution whose parent company is based in Canada is beaming with satisfaction that it has been of value and service to Grenada.

This year marks the Golden Anniversary of the operations of Scotiabank to the people of Grenada.

To celebrate that milestone, the bank which has three locations in Grenada has planned 50 days of activities which commences today (Friday May 17) with a customer appreciation day.

Other activities throughout the next 50 days include a Thanksgiving Church Service, business seminars, mortgage clinics, and a health clinic focusing on the AIDS epidemic.

Kelly Roberts, Assistant Manager, Personal Banking who took the media through the planned celebration at the Grand Beach Resort at Grand Anse, St. George’s on Tuesday said that as part of the bank’s ongoing commitment in the fight against the threat and stigma of HIV and AIDS, the financial institution will continue working with the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership.

Scotiabank, on an annual basis conducts a regional testing day. This year it takes place on June 28, the actual launch set for May 30.

Assistant Manager for Small Businesses, Sterl Lyons addressed the media on the non-banking services that the bank offers to the community by enhancing the lives of children and women in the areas of sports, culture and health care.

In what is known as the “Bright Future Programme,” Lyons said it is experienced through the bank’s involvement in sports, education, youth and community groups.

In the area of sports, the annual Intercol Games has been sponsored for the past 33 years by Scotiabank in Grenada

Commercial Banking Manager Kingsley Ashby - customer convenience underpins Scotiabank’s service delivery promise

Commercial Banking Manager Kingsley Ashby – customer convenience underpins Scotiabank’s service delivery promise

The annual Kiddy Cricket Festival is recognized as an important investment in the lives of the youth and sports.

Since its inception in 1999, Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket is now the longest running cricket sponsorship in the Caribbean. In Grenada alone approximately 65 schools are engaged in the programme.

The bank also offers a scholarship programme at the University of the West Indies (UWI). The programme which commenced in 1997 offers a scholarship for three years to a successful applicant.

Sponsorship is also provided in the area of sports tourism in the form of the annual Billfish Tournament and the Grenada Sailing Festival.

Country Manager Elie Bendaly indicated that the bank makes it a priority to understand the community it serves so as to help customers discover the possibilities in their lives and to support causes that are meaningful to the society.

Scotiabank opened its first branch on May 17, 1963 on Halifax Street, St. George’s.

In 1966, the bank opened a sub-branch in Grand Anse at what is now known as Wall Street. However, it was closed in 1974. A new branch was later reopened in 1991 at the Steele’s Commercial Complex.

The third branch of Scotiabank was opened in Grenville, St. Andrew’s in 1997.

Commercial Banking Manager Kingsley Ashby said customer convenience underpins Scotiabank’s service delivery promise.

Ashby stated that computer was introduced in 1987 to the bank, which he said changed the banking landscape to the point where the mobile banking technology is being utilized.

That form of modern technology has caused the bank to earn the award as best internet bank for 2010 and 2011 from Global Finance, and in 2012 it was voted Bank of the Year by America’s Bank Magazine.

Scotiabank currently has a staff of 75 persons.


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