Sayers Brothers charged

Police have charged four members of the Sayers Family of Windsor Forest, St. David’s in connection with a chopping incident that took place in the village almost two weeks ago.

Courtney, Patrick, Glenroy and Henson Sayers have each been charged with causing grievous harm to Desmond Honore on May 5.

The 54-year old Honore was allegedly attacked by the men in retaliation to an earlier incident in which Honore chopped off the head of a kid belonging to the Sayers Family that was destroying the crops in his garden.

The injured man received a serious chop wound to the right side of the head and other injuries to the body by the men who are all his neighbours.

THE NEW TODAY was visited last week by the wife of the injured man Sharon Honore who said that although the family was repeatedly spoken to about the goats that were destroying her husband’s peas and potato slips, no effort was made to control them.

The newspaper understands that the accused persons have been granted bail pending their court appearances.

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