NAWASA embraces technology to enhance delivery to customers

NAWASA continues to support action in the field of human resources development, most recently investing in training for thirty (30) employees to the tune of $26,000.00.

Beneficiaries participated in a four-day workshop from May 6-9 geared towards individuals that are using, maintaining and supporting NAWASA’s Customer Information System (CIS).

This system, which was implemented in August 2010, brings together all aspects of customer-account data and billing.

It allows for proper documentation and updating of customer interaction and performs functions such as Billing, Customer Service, Service Orders, Monthly and Yearly Reporting, Collections and Cashiering with more speed, efficiency and accuracy.

The workshop was facilitated by Peter Platthy from North|Star.

According to Information Systems Manager at NAWASA, Vernon O’ Brien the workshop held at NAWASA’s Dusty Highway Conference Facility, was convened because there was a need to reinforce the skills of users.

In addition, he said that procedures and processes to ensure optimum performance from all functions of the system also needed to be reviewed.

“CIS Users are better able to utilise the many aspects of this system, to the benefit of not only the Authority, but the customers we serve, making required information more easily accessible” O’Brien added.

NAWASA’s General Manager, Christopher Husbands who also commented said, “we’ve spent considerable capital to upgrade the technical capabilities of the system and we must ensure that the human resources aspect is efficient as possible to improve the level of service to our customers.”


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