Dominicans react in anger to the appointment of Grenada magistrate

Arley Gill – appointment as Magistrate  causes a stir a Dominica

Arley Gill – appointment as Magistrate
causes a stir a Dominica

Roseau, Dominica (TDN) — Dominicans are up in arms over the news that a former Grenadian politician will be assigned as a magistrate on the island.

On Thursday, Attorney General Levy Peters announced that Arley Gill will take up the post of magistrate on June 1, 2013.

The outrage over Gill’s appointment stems from the fact that a few months ago, he was invited by prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit to speak at a political party meeting in his Vielle Case Constituency.

The meeting was held in celebration of Skerrit’s court victory where the opposition challenged his legitimacy to contest the last elections claiming that he was a French citizen at the time of the election.

While addressing the crowd, Gill commented that the “prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit was the greatest Caribbean leader since Maurice Bishop of Grenada.”

He also made light of Skerrit’s remarks concerning the supremacy of the constitution where Skerrit intoned that “no law or constitution would prevent me from being a candidate at the next general elections.”

Angry callers to a local radio talk show demanded that the appointment be revoked claiming that Gill was incapable of being partial to justice given his open support for the Skerrit regime.

Others argued that his appointment was simply a repayment for his loyalty to Skerrit especially considering that there are several practicing lawyers in Dominica who had superior qualifications to serve as magistrate.

Gill was a minister in the former Tillman Thomas administration in Grenada before he was dismissed by Thomas during a period of upheaval for the government and months before the complete sweep of the polls by prime minister Keith Mitchell.

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