Closure of Black Bay Murder Case

Murder-convict Albert Griffith – sentenced to 15 years

Murder-convict Albert Griffith – sentenced to 15 years

The final chapter in the Black Bay, St. John’s murder trial has come to a close.

Sentence has been handed down on the last of the three men, Albert Griffith of Grenville Vale, St. George’s who only entered a guilty plea to the lesser offense of Manslaughter during the October 2012 Criminal Assizes in the death of Anthony Frederick on February 8, 2008.

The other two men, Che Phillip and Kenny Morain Braveboy who were jointly charged with Griffith had already pleaded guilty to Manslaughter and were sentenced by High Court Judge, Justice Francis Cumberbatch last year.

Phillip turned State witness after he accepted the plea of the lesser offense in 2010, and on April 18, 2011 Braveboy’s charge was reduced to manslaughter.

High Court Judge, Justice Rajiv Persad, last week Wednesday, handed down a 15-year prison sentence on Griffith.

The sentence is to run from the time of Griffith being placed on remand five years ago.

The 59-year old Frederick was gunned down inside of his supermarket, “All Class Shopping Centre,” as he attempted to stop a robbery that was taking place at his business premises.

Griffith gave the police a caution statement in which he admitted to participating in the robbery.

Additionally, Phillip, his co-accused who staged the robbery with Griffith had given evidence against the convicted man as the person who pulled the trigger of the gun and shot Frederick.

That was collaborated by all of the other witnesses who pointed out that Griffith who was wearing a mask was the one who entered the supermarket and fired the fatal bullet.

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