Violence in Windsor Forest

Desmond Honore

Desmond Honore

Tension is rising high in the little community known as Toco Bay in Windsor Forest, St. David’s.

The police had to be called in Sunday night to settle a dispute which left one man hospitalised from a serious chop wound to the head and other injuries to the body by neighbours following a dispute over the damage caused to his own crops by animals belonging to a neighbour.

THE NEW TODAY was visited on Tuesday by Sharon Honore, wife of the injured man Desmond Honore who received chops wounds to the right side of his head and suffered two broken fingers on the hand.

Honore, a 53-year old worker with GRENLEC was set upon a few hours after he chopped off the head of a kid from a mother goat that had been destroying his peas and potato slips.

According to the wife, her husband had made frequent complaints to the owner of the animals, believed to be a Baptist woman in the area, about the constant destruction to his garden by the roaming animals.

She said that moments before the chopping, a daughter of the owner of the animal had visited her home to ask for some “green bananas” to cook and that the GRENLEE employee showed her the animals as they were on the land feasting on his crops.

According to the wife, when she herself returned home from attending church service, she once again noticed that the animals were on the property and eating the newly planted crops.

She spoke of calling out to the daughter of the animal owner who was away from her own home in order to notify her once again of what was happening with the animals.

“I asked her who these young goats for. She told me they belonged to her mother. I said to her, to come and tie the goats because they are causing trouble.

The wife stated that the daughter promised to call some of her brothers to help attend to the animals.

She said that although nobody came, the animals left but came back later to feed on the crops.

This newspaper understands it was at this stage that the husband acted by chopping off the head of one of the three kids with a cutlass.

The wife pointed out that on realising what had happened, she called out to the daughter of the owner of the animals to “come and take out the goats from the land because Desmond had killed one of the goats”.

She said the daughter did come and take a look at what was happening as the two other goats ran off as soon as the neck of the other kid was chopped off.

The incident did not go down well with the other children of the goat owner.

It is alleged that later in the day some of them resorted to throwing missiles on Honore’s house and were allegedly using a few threatening language.

The wife said that sometime around 7.00 p.m as her husband was leaving home to visit a nearby supermarket he was attacked and had several wounds inflicted on him.

There are reports that piece of a brick was hurled at him and struck him the area of the waist which resulted in him falling to the ground.

His attackers then moved in and inflicted several bows to all parts of his body as he laid on the ground helpless.

Apart from the chop to the head, an X-ray conducted on the hospitalised Honore showed that he suffered broken bones on two fingers and his body showed signs of bruises from the lashes received from the cutlasses.

The wife said that her husband informed her on Tuesday when she visited him in hospital that the doctor indicated that he might have to undergo some form of surgery for the injuries.

Police have reportedly detained two persons for questioning in connection with the incident.

This newspaper understands that several of the villagers are enraged over what happened as Honore is considered to be a respectable and liked member of the Toco Bay community.





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