State Boards are being reconstituted

The two-month old Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is moving ahead speedily to reconstitute State Boards that will govern the operations of the various Statutory Bodies.

Minister of Communication Works and Public Utilities Gregory Bowen disclosed the composition of the Boards for the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), the Grenada Postal Corporation, the Transport Board, Gravel Concrete and Emulsion Corporation, and the Physical Planning and Control Authority Board during the weekly post-Cabinet briefing last week Tuesday.

Minister Bowen announced that businessman Terrence Forrester who was a member of the campaign team of the New National Party (NNP) will now chair NAWASA.

Forrester replaces Terrence Smith who served as NAWASA’s Chairman for the past four years.

Other members of the Board are Ann Antoine who will represent the Ministry of Health, Margaret Frame from the Ministry of Finance, the Chief Technical Officer from the Ministry of Works, Michael Mason from the Ministry of Agriculture, Samuel Hinds from the General Public, Jeff Matheson from Carriacou, and Cynthia Charles.

According to Minister Bowen, NAWASA has over $11m in capital development projects to be undertaken.

The new Head at the Grenada Postal Corporation is Sean Charles, and those selected to serve include former NNP Candidate Devon Rachae, Consel Baptiste, Donnel Matheson, Richie Ollivierre, Isaac Bhagwan, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, and Margaret Frame of the Ministry of Finance.

Minister Bowen cited the need for the Board to respond to the change in the market space as modern technology now competes with postal service.

The Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Works will chair the Transport Board.

Other members include the Head of Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin, Ronald Hughes from the insurance industry, Lawrence Samuel from the General Public, Owner of public vehicles, Stanley Grainger, and a representative from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The troubled Gravel Concrete and Emulsion Corporation is headed by Martin Thomas who replaces Carlyle Glean Junior.

Other members are Chester Palmer, Madge McGuire, Francis Louison, Lawrence Samuel, Andre Lewis from the Technical and Allied Workers Union, and a representative from the Ministry of Works

The Board of the Physical Planning and Control Authority that has also been reconstituted is headed by Engineer, Winston Gabriel, and includes Paul Phillip representing the environment, Sean Charles, Kelly Patrick who is representing the Ministry of Agriculture, Christopher Husbands from NAWASA, Daniella Williams-Mitchell, the legal representative, Emerson Theodore from the General Public, a member from the Ministry of Housing, and a representative from the Ministry of Works.

The Executive Secretary to the Board is Virginia Ashby.

According to Minister Bowen, government is aware of the numerous complaints coming from the General Public about the slowness in having their plans being attended to in a speedy manner.

The senior Government Minister who believes that the private sector which can easily pump about $200m into the economy through construction projects will rely heavily on that particular Board to get their projects moving.

Minister Bowen indicated that persons who believe that they have been unfairly turned down by the Board have the right to appeal through an Appeal’s Tribunal that is headed by Attorney Dwight Horsford.

Other members of the review Tribunal are Meryl Forsyth, and Jeff Croome.

A number of Boards are already in place, including the National Insurance Scheme that is now being chaired by Ron Antoine, Manager of the Grenada Breweries Limited, and the Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board that is chaired by Manager of the Grenada Distillers Limited, Ruel Edwards.


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