Police Nab Westerhall Robbers

Rickey Noel – captured instantly after committing a felony

Rickey Noel – captured instantly after committing a felony

A young man and his female companion who have been reaping havoc in the Westerhall, St. David’s area and making the lives of the residents there miserable have been caught and are now behind bars at the Richmond Hill Prisons.

Ricky Noel, 42 years old, and Jennifer Henwood, 31 years old, both unemployed residents of Belmont St. George’s have been charged by police in connection with a spate of housebreakings.

The lawmen managed to catch up with the couple during a mobile patrol in the area two weeks ago shortly after they committed one of the offenses.

A source close to the police told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper the lawmen spotted both Noel and Henwood walking along the main road at Westerhall Point.

Noel who allegedly was carrying two bags started running after seeing the police vehicle.

A search of the bags, which contained groceries, spirits and liqueur was conducted shortly after Noel was captured by the lawmen.

According to the source, a search at Henwood’s house resulted in the confiscation of a quantity of household items and groceries as part of the investigation by the lawmen.

A release issued by the Royal Grenada Police Force said the crime spree involving the two suspects began on April 9.

Noel and Henwood have been charged with five counts of housebreaking, four counts of housebreaking and stealing, and one count each of attempted breaking and damage to property.

They are also jointly charged for the offenses of damage to property, attempted breaking and on one of the counts of housebreaking and stealing.

One of the persons who were affected by the spate of robberies is businessman Edwin Mark DeCaul.

Noel is alleged to have first broke into De Caul’s house on April 16 and stealing articles valued at $1,304.00.

He is also accused of breaking into De Caul’s house again sometime between April 10 and 22 and stealing cash totaling $283.00.


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