Journalist to receive compensation

Johnson Richardson – awarded compensation by the court

Johnson Richardson – awarded compensation by the court

Newspaper Journalist Johnson Richardson is to receive compensation totaling $2,000.00 from Morne Jaloux resident Glen Worme.

Richardson who is the senior Journalist at the Informer Newspaper was assaulted on February 26 by Worme while he was being escorted to court to answer charges of housebreaking and stealing.

The 20-year old Worme who was handcuffed together with another prisoner kicked the unsuspecting Richardson who was in the company of THE NEW TODAY Newspaper Editor, Wayne Modeste in the yard of the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court.

Both Richardson and Modeste were taking photographs of prisoners coming to court.

The prisoner who was making his way to the holding cell at the court rushed onto the Journalist, and with the use of his right foot kicked him on the chest.

Richardson rocked back a few inches before tumbling over a walkway plunging about five feet below.

Glen Worme – to pay a hefty fine

Glen Worme – to pay a hefty fine

Worme was charged with causing harm and damage to property for which he pleaded guilty to Magistrate, Her Honour Karen Noel on Monday.

A Canon camera lens valued $1,494.25 and a shirt valued $90.00 owned by Richardson were damaged during the incident.

Attorney-at-law Francis Paul who represented Worme said his client told him because the flash from the camera reflected in his eyes he reacted automatically.

Paul said it was a reflex reaction by making a kick without thinking.

Magistrate Noel ordered that Worme pay Richardson $400.00 within two months on the charge of causing harm, in default he will spend one month in prison.

The accused was also imposed with a fine of $300.00 for causing harm to be paid in one month, and in default one month in prison.

On the charge of causing damage to property, the court awarded Richardson $1,600.00 in compensation to be paid by Worme within three months, and in default serve six months in prison.

Worme was also fined $500.00 to be paid to the court for damage to property to be paid within two months and in default serve one month at the Richmond Hill prison.


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