Granny caught smuggling marijuana

The effort of a 72-year old Grandmother of Moliniere, St. George’s to illegally sneak in a quantity of marijuana for her Grandson at the Richmond Hill Prisons did not materialise.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that as a result of the alertness of a Prison Officer, he was able to detect Roslie Ross who came to visit her Grandson, Troy Ross, a prison inmate, on April 30, attempting to deliver 410 grams of marijuana to him along with other items.

The source said that apart from the marijuana, the Grandmother also tried to pass on a cellular phone that is a prohibited item at the prisons to Ross.

The inmate was among three men who staged an early morning invasion at a house in Moliniere, St. George in December 2011.

Ross and his companions were charged by police with three counts of dangerous harm to Marlon Williams of La Borie, St. George’s, Angela and Kevon Martin, residents of Moliniere, and robbery with violence.

Meanwhile, a resident of Waterloo, St. John’s was also caught in the act of attempting to deliver a quantity of illegal drugs to another inmate at the prisons.

A well placed source told this newspaper that Enon Straker came to visit prison inmate Linford Ferguson when it was detected that he had in his possession 35 grams of marijuana among the items he brought for the prison inmate.


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