May Day Tragedy

A family of St. Patrick’s is in agony after having to deal with the death of a loved one on May Day, while being driven by her bigger brother.

Dead is nine-year old Nakaya Jada Franklyn of Mt. Rodney, St. Patrick’s who fell out of a Suzuki Escudo van at Marli, St. Patrick’s.

The fatal accident took place after the vehicle, registration number PX592 being driven by 19-year old Damian Franklyn, crashed into a wall.

Nakaya Franklyn – perished in a vehicular accident

Nakaya Franklyn – perished in a vehicular accident

A well placed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper the young girl was seated on the back seat of the vehicle when the vehicle crashed.

There are reports that Franklyn lost control of the van which ran into the wall and then overturned

The source said the child was flung out of the van which later pinned her onto the ground.

A medical doctor who was summoned to the scene of the accident pronounced the young girl dead upon his arrival.

A post mortem conducted revealed that the child died of skull fracture. She is being buried today (Friday May 10) following a funeral service at the Sauteurs RC Church.

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