Relations with Africa

It was very interesting to hear from Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell that his government intends establishing relations with all countries, including those in Africa. That cannot happen too soon!!

As a report in the “New African” magazine states: “People criticise Africa, first of all, as if it was one country. Yet, it is the second largest continent in the world, with 54 different nations.

Second, according to the report, Africa is not in control of its own image. The modern age, the report said, is dominated by TV and the print media, and the best of both are owned largely by Western conglomerates.

The problem is that, as far as Africa is concerned is that it is the same West that also seized Africa by force of arms in the 19th century, after 400 years of sneaking into Africa to cart off millions of Africans as slaves to till the soil for them, both in their own countries and in their possession abroad.

As the report said, you cannot practice slavery for 400 years and suddenly change your attitude towards your slaves, even if you sign thousands of documents eventually setting them free, and you write constitutions containing lofty verbiage like, “All men are born free.”

Practice is what counts, continued the report, and when one looks into the history of the West’s practical relations with Africa, it is replete with different forms of slavery. There are of course, the formal versions like imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism.

But beneath these are even more insidious forms of slavery such as subtle racial discrimination, even in societies that have passed legislation against racism, and discrimination by impoverishment.”

What applies to Africa is also applicable to all countries that have had the misfortune of being colonised by foreign hostile forces. They cannot maintain or develop their cultural values when they allow foreign influence to take over.

Therefore, we should not only establish good relations with the fastest growing region of the world – according to recent reports – we should follow the example of Haiti and apply for membership of the African union.

We should have no permanent allies, only our interest is and should be permanent.

E.M. Rogers


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