A noble deed from Andall

Joseph Andall – selflessly gives of his time to students

Joseph Andall – selflessly gives of his time to students

He might have been defeated in the February 19 general elections but schoolteacher turned politician, Joseph Andall has been able to get up and turn his attention to helping some of the Nation’s fifth form students preparing for their Spanish exams.

His efforts were aimed primarily at students from secondary schools in St. Patrick, St. Mark and St. Andrew who participated in an exercise geared at giving them much needed practice in Spanish especially the oral component.

Andall is considered to be one of the leading Spanish educators in the country.

He has dedicated over thirty years of service to the teaching profession and possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the teaching of Spanish.

In fact, Andall and the teaching of Spanish go way back to St. John’s Christian Secondary School in the early 1980s, after which he did a stint at the Anglican High School.

Later, he became a lecturer at the TA Marryshow Community College Teacher Education Department, specialising in foreign language education.

Throughout his years as an educator, Andall achieved much, including a Masters’ degree in Spanish education. He is a Spanish oral examiner and a CXC Spanish examination marker.

Andall has done a lot during his career as an educator to promote the teaching and learning of Spanish and has held classes for secondary school students throughout Grenada.

There is a popular cliché among educators, which says, “once a teacher always a teacher,” and this seems to hold true in this instance.

Earlier this year, Andall left TAMCC to become one of the NDC candidates at the last general elections and barely two months later, he simply could not resist the lure of the classroom and the opportunity to continue his life of service.

According to Andall, “It is the story of my life really; I am constantly looking for opportunities to assist our nation’s youth and to give back to a country that I call home”.

The classes were held free of cost at Mac Donald College and students were given opportunities to interact with the language, strengthen areas of weakness and to get a feel of what the oral Spanish examination would be like.

After the session, the students were high in praise for Andall. They viewed the exercise as absolutely beneficial and worthwhile and believe that it has increased their chances of passing the Spanish exam and in most cases, of getting very good grades.

“We are much more confident now because we now know what to expect and are in a better position to excel,” they all quipped.

The students expressed the view that they are now confident that they can master their CXC Spanish oral exam, an exam that can prove to be very tricky, since it is usually their first exposure to CXC based external O level examinations.

Andall says that he plans to make this a yearly exercise and hopes that even more students will be able to benefit in the coming years.

When asked whether he plans to conduct the classes free of charge in the future, he gave this response: “When I see the happy looks on the faces of the students and feel the surge of confidence emanating from them; when I hear their proclamations of gratitude; this is the only payment that is necessary”.

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