VICTORIA Woman Murdered

Allison Edwards - the murder victim from Victoria

Allison Edwards – the murder victim from Victoria

Five days after being reported as missing, a Victoria, St. Mark’s woman has been found dead.

The body of 49-year old Alison Edwards was discovered in a shallow grave between two bamboo stools covered with bamboo leaves in an area known in Victoria as the “Philippines” at the Bocage Estate by a search party organised by members of the Victoria Seventh-Day Adventist Church last Sunday.

Police had issued a missing person bulletin late last week advising the General Public to assist in locating Edwards who resided at Queen’s Street, Victoria, St. Mark’s.

She reportedly left her home on Tuesday, April 16, and was last seen wearing a brown t-shirt, brown and black shorts and a pair of brown slippers.

The partially decomposed body was found early Sunday morning lying on the stomach by a young man from the area who joined the search party of the Church Group that included relatives of the deceased.

The body was examined by a medical doctor who was called in by a party of Police Officers who were attending the crime scene.

The medical doctor pronounced Edwards dead and the body was carried away by a local Funeral Agency.

News of the discovery of the body came as a shock to members of the community who were preparing for the opening of the Annual St. Mark’s Festival.

Edwards was described as being a people’s friendly person with whomever she came into contact.

People of the community spoke of her willingness to be of assistance to anyone including young children.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper has been reliably informed that Edwards who has had a history of mental illness was in a relationship with Desmond Fletcher who was taken into custody by the police as a suspect.

A police official said that it was more than likely that a charge would be laid against the 26-year old Fletcher of Fairfield, Victoria, St. Mark’s based on their investigations.

The suspect is alleged to have confined in two persons who are co-operating with the police that he did something to the deceased.

Last year, three women on the island lost their lives as a result of domestic disputes with their male companions.

One of the men allegedly committed suicide, while the other two are awaiting trial in the local high court.

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