Suspicious death of 60-year old Hunter

Family members of 60-year old Winston Quarless of Mardi Gras, St. David’s are treating his death as being a case of homicide.

Quarless who is widely known in the area as “Sand Crab” was discovered dead as he body was found lying on a slope in Mardi Gras, about two weeks ago by a farmer who was alerted by barking dogs.

The body bore a cut underneath the man’s chin in the area of his throat, and across the face.

Quarless is a hunter and is also involved in livestock farming.

Informed sources told THE NEW TODAY that an autopsy conducted by a pathologist from Trinidad and Tobago ruled out foul play in the death.

A source who did not want to be identified said that the report suggested that the death was consistent with a fall.

However, a family member of the deceased man is still troubled over the circumstances of the death.

He said the family heard that the deceased and two other men went hunting in a mountainous area the night before the body was discovered.

It is reported that Quarless spoke to someone about his plans to go out hunting with one of the men, but before doing that they had to cook first.

That particular individual refuted claims that he went out hunting with the deceased man, but confirmed that they had cooked together.

The family member who did not want to be identified revealed said that from all indications of how the body was found, it is suspected that foul play should not be ruled out in Quarless’ death.

According to the family member, the deceased was found lying on his back and one of his hands locked behind his back, while the other hand was clenched like a fist to the front of the chest.

“There is some strange circumstances surrounding the death. It doesn’t seem as a straight case of an accident, it doesn’t seem as a straight case of a natural death,” he said.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper the farmer who was at the time in his garden rushed to the top of the slope and noticed the body lying on his back close to a track.

THE NEW TODAY understand that another farmer of the area was able to identify the person as being Quarless.



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