Revamped Imani programme

Following on the heels of the New National Party’s 15-0 seat victory at the polls on February 19, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Ecclesiastic Affairs is getting ready to launch The New Imani programme on Saturday at the Victoria Park in Grenville, St. Andrew, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The New Imani project is one of the youth-related projects to be launched by the Minister for Youth, Sports and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Emmalin Pierre, as she seeks to deliver on her promise to address youth development.

A government statement said that the New Imani is intended to deliver immediate opportunities and ensure the long-term development of Grenada’s Youth.

The launch of the programme will begin with an opportunity-focused fair, where stakeholders will present their services and products.

Youth will be able to access information about careers and inquire into job and educational opportunities, including information about available scholarships.

The New Imani programme is a revamped version of the prior IMANI programme, which provided job training and personal development for many unemployed youth.

The New Imani is expected to be tailored to be more efficient, effective and capable of targeting the needs of Grenada’s youthful population, than the prior programme.

The eligibility age range for The New Imani programme has been adjusted from 16-35 to 18 to 38.

Any Grenadian youth within this age range can register to be a part of the programme, starting on April 27, at the launch.

The New Imani will provide opportunities for personal development; skill training in over fifty (50) occupational areas; local and regional certification; job training; employment and scholarship referrals; small business training and access to funding and it will emphasise and incorporate community engagement and volunteerism.

Details regarding this and more will be provided at the launch, including the exciting, new stipend compensation scheme, which will be based on participant’s qualification level, upon entering The New Imani programme.

Registration forms for this programme will be available at the launch and persons carrying in the requested, supporting documents can submit their completed application to Youth Officers on that day.

Applicants must carry the following with them:


(1). One passport-sized photo

(2). Copies of any certificates (if there are none, please state so on the form) and birth certificate

(3). One recommendation letter from a reliable and trusted source who knows the applicant, e.g. school principal, pastor, well-known and respected community member

(4). Copy of a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Résumé

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