Sexual Molestation of 9-month Old Baby

Police are carrying out investigations into reports of a possible sexual molestation of a nine-month old baby.

An authoritative source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that a family member of the baby took away the child from her grandmother to spend some time with an aunt when the incident allegedly happened.

Two days after being carried away, the child was affected by a high temperature and brought back to the grandmother who resides in St. George’s.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said while cleaning the child, the grandmother noticed that her vagina was swollen.

Medical attention was immediately sought for the infant at the St. George’s General Hospital.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the grandmother was advised by a Medical doctor at the facility to report the incident to the Criminal Investigation Department in St. George’s for investigation as they suspected that the nine-month old might have been sexually molested.

In related news, the police have finally confirmed that they are investigating reports about the pregnancy of a 10-year old girl.

Initially, the police stated that they had not received any reports about a young girl, believed to be nine being pregnant and admitted as a patient at the St. George’s General Hospital.

The news first came to light through a Social Worker on a local radio station who announced that she had visited the hospital to interact with the pregnant youngster.

A source close to the police told this newspaper that he had raised the issue with officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and they admitted that they had heard the Social Worker making the report on the local station but no one had made a formal report to them.

“I think that was slackness on the part of the police. If they heard somebody of that nature make such a statement, they should realise that a crime was committed against a minor. They (the police in CID) had a right to call Community Relations Department (of the police force) to find out if they had received such a report”, he said.

“Even if Community Relations did not receive such a report, the CID people should have then visited the hospital to find out if what the woman (Social Worker) was saying is true or not. That is what they should have done, go to the hospital to find out if they had a nine year old who was pregnant there. If that is true then as a police investigator you will know that a crime was committed and had to be investigated”, he added.

A senior journalist confirmed to this newspaper that after hearing the comment made by the Social Worker on the local radio station, he contacted a senior member of the police force who indicated that the police were not aware of the reported case of a nine-year old being pregnant in the country.

The journalist said: This police officer promised to look into the report for me. He did call me back and told me that he had checked with the Community Relations Department and that they informed him that they did not have any such report and that this thing was not true.

“The officer called me back later in the night to say that there might be some truth after all to the reports about the nine year old being pregnant. He promised to give me more details at a later stage”, he added.

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