Financial Irregularities Within Cricket Association

Gabriel Henry - his reign as head of GCA ended on Saturday

Gabriel Henry – his reign as head of GCA ended on Saturday

The Grenada Cricket Association (GCA) has elected a new executive amidst reports of questionable financial transactions involving in excess of $15, 000.00 by some members of the old executive body.

A high level source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that questions were raised about specific financial matters involving two members of the previous executive and that a committee has been established to look into the issue and to make recommendations.

He said that during the annual general meeting of GCA held over the weekend, some members of the association sought answers to what can only be described as questionable dealings including the signing of cheques involving huge payments of unauthorised funds.

This newspaper was unable to contact former GCA President Gabriel Henry who was replaced at the head of the organisation by Garvin Taylor of St. John’s.

According to a well-placed source, some members of the GCA executive only became aware of the financial transactions that raised eyebrows when information surfaced that a number of cheques were missing from the office, which is located at the National Sporting Stadium.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said the money at issue should have been used for the local cricket development programme in association with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

“The people under investigation are really dumb. They did whatever they did and nothing that was done was ever reflected in the minutes of meetings of the association”, he said.

One can only spend monies from an association if approval is given. You cannot run an organisation and spend money without getting approval from the executive or general membership”, he added.

According to the source, one of the issues under investigation relates to an accumulated sum of $10, 000.00 that was paid out in the form of “a loan” to a senior member of the GCA executive without the knowledge of the body.

He said the investigating body has also been mandated to probe into the discovery of a cheque that was made out in the name of one former executive member for around $4000.00.

He said the executive member in seeking to explain the matter said that he made out the cheque in his name, cashed the money and handed it over to a service provider for food that was provided for a GCA-run programme.

He spoke of the service provider being present at the GCA meeting on Saturday and responded by saying that he cannot recall receiving at any time such large sums of money from the GCA executive member.

“These men were just signing cheques onto themselves without the approval of the Grenada Cricket Association. This is too crazy. These were men who were entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the affairs of the Grenada Cricket Association,” he remarked.

Garvin Taylor - given the task to handle the affairs of the Cricket Association

Garvin Taylor – given the task to handle the affairs of the Cricket Association

The source pointed out that the GCA members have asked the team of investigators to look into the alleged financial irregularities and if anyone is found guilty then they must repay the monies at issue or face the necessary legal action.

“If those men are guilty of anything and can’t pay back the money, then they would have to face the wrap,” the source said.

Most of GCA funds come from WICB as a result of games hosted locally.

Prior to Saturday’s meeting, Henry was asked to step down as GCA President after he got himself in a domestic brawl with his common-law wife in St. David’s and was arrested by Police for using a cutlass to hit her.

The altercation also saw Henry stepping aside as the Caretaker Candidate for the ruling New National Party (NNP) for the St. David’s Constituency and making way for former Permanent Secretary, Oliver Joseph who went on to win the seat in the February 19 general election and land the post of Minister of Economic Planning.


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