NDC embarking on Political Education

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)) has given a commitment to embark upon an exercise of political education of Grenadians as part of a major initiative to regain political power in the country.

The party failed to win a seat in the February 19 general elections that was won 15-0 by the then opposition New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The NNP on its campaign platform promise of “We will deliver”, saw Dr. Mitchell returning at the helm after his 13-year rule was broken by defeat in the July 2008 poll.

In addressing his first Press Conference since losing the Elections, Political Leader of Congress, Tillman Thomas told members of the media last week Tuesday at the Coyaba Beach Resort in Grand Anse, St. George’s that his party will seek to educate the people about the importance of the democratic process.

The NDC Political Leader disclosed that in the aftermath of the clean sweep by NNP, the focus now is on reorganising the 25-year old Party and that efforts are on the way to strengthen the base at the polling divisions, and in each of the 15 constituencies.

“I am not really … disappointed, but not daunted and we see the need for strengthening the whole registration process in our party,” the NDC Political Leader said.

Thomas told reporters that a large number of people did not register to enable them to conduct their civil duty in the elections while a substantial number registered but did not vote.

“All these (developments) call for more political education to bring to the awareness of our people the importance of participating in the democratic process,” he said.

The NDC will also focus on consolidating its Women’s Arm and paying greater attention to the Youth Arm of the party.

Thomas disclosed that the Party will seek to educate the young people about the importance of the politics and their involvement in the process.

“We need to attract more new persons into the Youth Arm, and to really have a heavy focus on the Youth Arm of the Party,” he added.

Fund raising activities are also another area in which the NDC will be placing greater attention.

A major fund raising activity took place on Easter Monday at Bathway Beach in St. Patrick’s.

It is generally believed that Congress, which ruled Grenada from July 2008 to February 2013, was no match for NNP in terms of campaign financing.

Sources close to the party told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the NDC still owes huge sums of money from the campaign.

The NDC Political Leader indicated that the party will continue to advance its values and principles that were handed down by the Founding Fathers including the late George Brizan.

According to Thomas, the Party will continue to speak on National issues, recognising the importance of an opposition in the country.

“The fact that we are not in the Parliament does not really minimise our role for speaking on behalf of the people. We’re going to be equally vocal on matters of National importance. And we would continue strengthening our organisation,” he said.

The NDC currently has three of its members – Nazim Burke, Franka Bernadine and Dr. George Vincent sitting in the Upper House of Parliament.

In lieu of there being no official opposition in the Lower House of Parliament, the Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean with the powers vested in him under the Constitution, appointed the three NDC members to serve as Opposition Senators.


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