Murder Convict Chopped Inside Prison

Calvin Simon – sustained facial injuries inside of the prisons

Calvin Simon – sustained facial injuries inside of the prisons

Relatives of murder convict, Calvin Simon is concerned about his safety and security at the Richmond Hill Prisons.

Simon who was one of three persons charged with the unlawful death of 35-year old Rennie St. John of Grand Anse Housing Scheme on June 30, 2007 pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of Manslaughter in 2011.

The accused received a nine-year prison sentence from Madam Justice Clare Henry that is to run from the time of him being placed on remand in 2007.

THE NEW TODAY understands that from since last year, Simon has allegedly been under constant attacks by his fellow prison inmates.

The latest took place last week, which left him being hospitalised at the St. George’s General hospital.

A close relative of the convicted man told this newspaper he believes that the attack is being orchestrated by one of the men who was involved in the killing of St. John.

The relative who does not wish to have her identity revealed said that Simon had a dispute with the other murder convict who allegedly told him to expect something to happen to him.

She alleged that the inmate got another prisoner to inflict the gruesome chop wounds on Simon.

There are reports coming out of the prison compound that the man who orchestrated the chopping is the leader of a gang that is operating inside of the prisons.

Simon was reportedly chopped from his left ear right onto the side of his mouth.

According to the relative, Simon was handcuffed at the time of the chopping incident.

He spent one week at the hospital where he was treated for the injuries.

However, in less than 24 hours after he was discharged from the General Hospital. Simon had to return for medical attention.

The relative said they were informed that the murder convict attempted to commit suicide.

Last October, Simon was bleached by another prison inmate and spent eight days in hospital.


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