Michael Pierre to preside over Parliament

Michael Pierre is the new Speaker

Michael Pierre is the new Speaker

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Michael Pierre is the new Speaker of the House of Representatives while former Speaker Dr. Lawrence Joseph takes the seat as President of the Senate.

Both men were officially appointed during the opening of the First Session of the Ninth Parliament at the Grenada Trade Centre last week Wednesday.

Deputy Speaker of the House is Member of Parliament for St. Patrick East, Clifton Paul who was one of three victorious parliamentarians in the February 19 poll for the New National Party (NNP) that was not accorded a governmental appointment.

In elections held, the post of Deputy President of the Senate went to Farmer’s Representatives, Senator Keith Clouden.

All members of Parliament (Both Upper and Lower Houses) took their Oath of Allegiance during the Ceremonial Opening Session before a packed to capacity Trade Centre.

The Throne Speech delivered by Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean on behalf of the NNP Government highlighted the difficult circumstances under which the Parliament is reconvening and charting the way forward.

The commitment of the Keith Mitchell government in the first session of the newlook Parliament was, “Building a new economy to provide jobs and opportunities for our People; investing in our human resources especially our youth; and uniting our Nation”

In reference to the recent General Election, which saw the Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration fail to win any of the 15 seats, Sir Carlyle said, “The people of this country have spoken. In clear and compelling fashion, they voted for jobs, opportunity and the restoration of hope.”

“My Government accepts this overwhelming mandate with a profound sense of humility and responsibility”, Sir Carlyle read as he congratulated the 10 first time members of Parliament.

The speech written by the government itself singled out Political Leader and Prime Minister Mitchell who returns to Parliament for his seventh consecutive term, a record for the Parliament of Grenada.

Sir Carlyle also made special mention of the five female parliamentarians, a record number for the Parliament of Grenada.

“This is a welcomed development, a tribute to the capable women of our Country and signals a more inclusive approach to the governance of our beloved Nation”, he said.

Congratulations were also sent out to the NNP for its historic win at the polls for the second time winning all 15 seats and creating history in the Caribbean.

“Speaking of history, I am cognizant that for the second time in Grenada’s history, one party has won all the seats in the House of Representatives. I am informed that is a first in the Commonwealth Caribbean,” the Governor General said.

Sir Carlyle urged members of Parliament to exercise respect at all times in their deliberations.

“Elected parliamentarians, you have been entrusted with a profound responsibility, a sacred trust, which you must honour and respect at all times. To whom much is given, much is required. Indeed, you must answer this call to service and you must deliver on your promises”, the GG told the session.


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