New Ambassadors to be named

The New National Party Government is preparing to post new ambassadors in New York, Washington, Brussels, Cuba, Venezuela, London and China as the current batch that were previously appointed by the National Democratic Congress Government prepare to vacate their positions.

New Foreign Affairs Minister, Nickolas Steele told members of the media at a press conference that the current batch of Diplomats who have been recalled are now wrapping up their tour of duties and are expected to return home between the middle to the end of the month.

Steele promised to give the media a definitive statement this week on the ambassadorial postings.

‘A decision on ambassadorial positions is being discussed right now, but at the end of the day it has to go to Cabinet, and I would rather not (to) make any comment until Cabinet has approved,” he said.

The Foreign Affairs Minister did not rule out the possibility that former NDC Ministers would be offered ambassadorial appointments.

He disclosed that any Grenadian who is capable regardless of his political affiliation would be considered for a foreign posting.

“If someone is talented and suitable, they will be considered,” he said.

There are reports inside government circles that former Tourism Foreign Affairs Minister Karl Hood has been offered the post of Ambassador to China.

Hood’s attorney-at-law, brother, Cajeton Hood got the nod over some top-notch NNP lawyers such as Dr. Lawrence Joseph and Dwight Horsford for the prestigious position of Attorney-General and principal legal advisor to Government.

Karl Hood, the former Member of Parliament for St. George South-east was expelled from the National Democratic Congress last September as part of a house cleaning by the former Tillman Thomas-led administration.

He appeared on the NNP platform during the campaigning for the February 19 general elections and pledged support for then Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell who went on to lead his party to a clean sweep of all 15 seats at the polls.

Political observers are anxiously looking forward to see whether another former NDC Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter David will accept a top position with the NNP administration.

Steele disclosed that Grenada will have bilateral relations with a number of countries, which will hopefully necessitate an increase in foreign Missions.

During the delivery of the Throne Speech last week Wednesday, Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean said government will pursue an “ enlightened foreign policy” and that Grenada will strive to maintain excellent relations with all her neighbours and traditional allies.

He said Grenada will also extend a hand of friendship and cooperation to non-traditional allies in Latin America, Asia and Africa.


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