Vincentians caught with marijuana

Vincentian Nationals continue to use Grenada as a transshipment point in the illegal marijuana trade.

Mere hours after the media was exposed to 1,433 pounds of marijuana last week Thursday at the Special Services Unit (SSU) compound at Point Salines that had been confiscated by the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force, the lawmen have added a further six and a half pounds to the lot.

The vigilance of members of the Drug Squad lead them to a house at Grand Mal, St. George’s where two Vincentians, Gary Patterson and Eli Williams were caught with the illegal drugs.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper the lawmen moved in on the non-nationals as they were in the process of sorting out the marijuana.

The source who spoke on condition of not being named said the Vincentian men who entered the country without the consent of an Immigration Officer claimed that they came to Grenada just before the February 19 General Elections.

It is suspected that they entered the country with the use of a fishing boat that is suspected to be used often to carry marijuana from neighbouring St. Vincent and the Grenadines into the island.

Patterson who accepted responsibility for the drugs was fined $20,000 to be paid forthwith by Chief Magistrate Her Honour, Tamara Gill last week Friday. In default he would serve a prison sentence of 18 months.

In addition to the fine for drug possession, Patterson and Williams were each ordered to pay $10,000.00 for their illegal entry into Grenada. The two will be forced to spend six months in prison if in default of the payment.

Two weeks ago Vincentian national, Elconado Sergeant and Albert Henry from Telescope, St. Andrew’s were caught carrying a fine bag and two backpacks that contained 12 pounds of marijuana.

The two were taken into custody as soon as they came off a fishing boat at Griffith Lane Beach in Grenville, St. Andrew’s.


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