Local Artistes encouraged to protect their work

ECCO’s Licensing Officer Linda Straker – they will get left out

ECCO’s Licensing Officer Linda Straker – they will get left out

Local Licensing Agent of the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization (ECCO), Linda Straker has accused certain agents of artistes of persuading them against copyrighting their work

Straker who was addressing concerns about the Copyright Legislation from members of the media last week Friday said there are companies that are not encouraging artistes to protect their work.

She charged that this is done through selfish means as these companies whom she declined to identify know how they can benefit in a selfish manner when the artistes work is not protected.

The Licensing Agent claimed that once a number of local businesses hear that an artiste has his work protected, that individual’s work is dropped from performing and giving them any public display.

Although she was reluctant in giving figures, Straker said there are a lot of local artistes who are protected through the ECCO arrangement.

According to Straker, the persons who gain more from the copyright legislation are the songwriter who gets fifty percent of the royalty, and the musician.

“If we have an artiste who is singing and he is not protecting his performance, the writer of the song may have protected that song. So the person who did the performance will get nothing, but the person who write will get everything, and that is the situation in Grenada where a lot of the song-writers have protected their music,” she said.

Straker pointed out that even though artistes who would have submitted their music for protection and they are not being played, ECCO still has an obligation to offer a small payment to them.

Straker disclosed that Gospel Artistes have now taken over calypsonians in terms of the number of artistes who have taken step to protect their work.

She said last year ECCO distributed more than $600,000.00 to registered members in the Eastern Caribbean.

The local Licensing Agent made it clear that artistes who decide not to protect their music “will get left out.”

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