FAMILY IN DEEP MOURNING …. Woman Collapses Inside Courthouse

Bus Driver Peter Lewis – shares a happy moment with Catherine Dominic

The St. George’s Number One Magistrate’s court was plunged into panic on Tuesday as a 48-year old woman from Tempe, St. George’s collapsed inside of the courtroom.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the woman Catherine Dominic was later pronounced dead at the St. George’s General hospital.

According to a source, the woman had attended court following a dispute she had with another woman, Ann-Marie Baptiste, over a man.

Dominic who is a former Security Officer had entered into a relationship with Peter Lewis who operates a Zone 8 bus that plies between Brizan and St. George’s.

There are unconfirmed reports that the two women had brought cross charges against each other due to an altercation between them over Lewis.

The source who does not wish to be named said Baptiste who met her in Lewis’ company allegedly bit Dominic on one of her fingers.

The source said that Dominic showed signs in the court of being upset with the evidence that was being given against her by the man with whom she once had a relationship and the person at the center of the fracas.

He disclosed that Chief Magistrate Her Honour, Tamara Gill who was presiding over the case had stood down the matter involving the two women in order to take evidence from Medical Doctor Annette McLeish who was a witness in another case.

The Magistrate is said to have stood down the matter as there was some dispute over what Lewis was telling the court from on the witness stand.

It is alleged that Lewis told the court he never had a relationship with Dominic.

While seated inside the courtroom, Dominic collapsed and Dr. McLeish came off the witness stand to administer CPR to the woman.

The ambulance was called in to take her away to the hospital but news soon surfaced that she had died.

Dominic was charged with causing harm to Baptiste who was also charged with wounding the deceased.

This newspaper visited the home of the deceased woman where one of her nine children, Ken Dominic is not satisfied over the manner in which he lost his mother.

The young man told our Reporters had his mother been given the opportunity to express herself over the incident she would have been alive today.

He spoke of not being happy with the relationship between his mother and Lewis whom he claimed spent one night sleeping at their home at Tempe.

The son said that although he was not present in court, he understood that his mother became visible upset with some of the things that were being uttered about her by Lewis.

“He (Lewis) could never say that he was not with my mother. Look at the picture that we have of both of them taken together”, he added while pointing at the picture.

Family members could not give specific details for the burial of the deceased who was also engaged in part-time work with the Road Debushing gangs.

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