No reconciliation with NDC rebels

Bernard Isaac – they must remain with the NNP

The hierarchy of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is adamant that there will be no rapprochement with a rebel group of members who were expelled from the party during the last Convention held on September 30, 2012.

General Secretary Bernard Isaac told a television programme last week Wednesday there is “a resounding no” to any engagement with the group that included former Tourism Minister, Peter David to be back among the NDC membership.

According to Isaac, all those who campaigned with the New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell that was victorious at the February 19 General Elections “must remain” with that party and not seek re-entry into Congress.

A number of expelled NDC former ministers including David, ex-foreign Affairs Minister Karl Hood and former Works Minister, Joseph Gilbert openly campaigned against NDC and for NNP in the just-ended general elections.

Isaac said there is no likelihood that NDC will accept those people whom he referred to as traitors on board.

“The (NDC) people are calling in and they are telling you, if there is any move in that respect they will disassociate themselves from NDC,” he remarked.

Isaac charged that some back-door maneuverings are already taking place to see if the expelled members can be reinstated in Congress.

Former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas admitted that David had called him after the election to engage him in a one-to-one discussion.

Thomas, the Political Leader of Congress reportedly told his former colleague that there is nothing for them to discuss since he (the ex-Minister) had supported NNP in the election.

The NDC General Secretary told the host of the TV programme that the party has already started the process of consolidating its base support of approximately 22,000 that it polled on Election Day.

“I can tell you NDC is alive, very much alive,” Isaac quipped.

“We are alive and we are going forward united, and we will remain a force in politics,” he said.

It is not clear whether David and the so-called Rebels would eventually join NNP or throw their support behind the National United Front (NUF) of their former colleague, Glynis Roberts, who was expelled with them in September from NDC.


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