NDC to monitor NNP’s performance

Nazim Burke – I seem to be the guy that everybody wants to blame

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) promises to keep a watchful eye on the performance of the re-elected New National Party (NNP) Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke said the NDC which was in government for the past four-and-a-half years will take issue with policies and programmes of the NNP that are considered to be harmful or dangerous for the country.

However, Burke said that as a responsible opposition Political Party, the NDC will give support to policies and programmes of the government that are beneficial to the country.

The No.2 man in Congress made the remarks as a guest on a television programme last week Wednesday.

The Finance Minister until the February 19 general elections said the NDC will not go out and oppose for opposing sake, but will take their concerns through various medium.

“If in fact… the Prime Minister (Dr. Keith Mitchell) and his team are prepared to take on board some of the measures in our (NDC) Manifesto because they believe it’s good for Grenada, we’ll support those and it’s the right thing to do and the sensible thing to do”, he said.

“If on the other hand we see problems emerging with certain kinds of individuals coming into the country that we know are not good investors for the country and deals are taking place that we believe are detrimental to the country, we will take issue with it,” he added.

The NNP swept the polls by winning all 15 Parliamentary Seats during the General Elections held just over three weeks ago.

Burke branded as “unfair” a claim being made in certain quarters that he was highly responsible for the NDC devastating loss at the polls.

He said although he had heard the charge coming from one person whom he did not identify, he said he does not know how widespread the claim is throughout the country.

“When things happen somebody is going to look to somebody to blame…. I seem to be the guy that everybody wants to blame,” he remarked.

The NDC Deputy Political Leader pointed towards a very systematic personal attack on him over the last 13 years by his political enemies, some of whom at one time posed as his friend, while others have now “exposed their hands.”

This is an obvious reference to former political colleagues as expelled former Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister, Peter David and Feron Lowe, the deputy Political Leader of the newly formed National United Front (NUF).

Speculation is rife that Burke will not be returning to the law firm in the city that he once worked with alongside David and Lowe.

The trio were once active members of the defunct New Jewel Movement (NJM) of late Marxist leader, Maurice Bishop and joined Congress after a similar defeat at the polls in 1999 to help in its rebuilding.

Within a year in office after the July 2008 victory at the polls by Congress, the David-Burke split became apparent with supporters of the former accusing the latter of trying to pave the way for him to eventually succeed Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

During the campaign for the February 19 elections, most of the NNP political advertisements were targeted at Burke and accused him of “bad management of the economy” in his capacity as Minister of Finance.

Burke who has been a lawyer for the past 23 years said he is currently weighing his options about his future endeavours.

The NDC No.2 figure surprisingly lost his St. George North-east constituency, considered to be a stronghold for Congress, to NNP’s Tobias Clement.



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