Vincy Caught Smuggling Ganja

Vincentian Elconado Sergeant and Albert Henry – caught in the police drag net

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) continues to reap success in the fight against illegal drugs.

A joint operation conducted by Police Officers attached to the Drug Squad, Special Services Unit (SSU), and the Grenada Coast Guard last week Saturday made a major dent into a Vincentian/Grenadian drug connection that netted close to four hundred pounds of marijuana that has an approximate street value of just over EC$890,000.00.

The drug burst took place in the early hours of last Sunday morning at Griffith Lane Beach in Grenville, St. Andrew’s as a Vincentian, Elconedo Sergeant and Albert Henry of Telescope, St. Andrew’s were caught carrying a fine bag and two backpacks that contained 12 pounds of marijuana.

The men had just come ashore from a fishing boat that was captained by Clivlon Eustace. The boat managed to get away from the law enforcement officers.

A well placed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, the team of police Officers who gave chase after the boat with a Coast Guard vessel was able to recover from neighbouring Sandy Island four fine bags and three bales containing 184 pounds of marijuana that were buried in the sand.

The police operation also recovered 199 and a 1/4 pounds of marijuana at Marquis Rocks in St. Andrew’s.

Sergeant and Henry have been charged for the offences of possession and trafficking of 12 pounds of marijuana.

They appeared at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday and were remanded to the Richmond Hill prison by Magistrate Nevlyn John.

The drug suspects are due back in court on March 12.

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