Newspaper Reporter Attacked

Journalist Johnson Richardson – kicked down by the prisoner

Senior Reporter at the Grenada Informer Newspaper, Johnson Richardson was attacked on Monday by prison inmate Glen Worme.

Richardson was at the time on assignment at the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court when the incident occurred.

Worme was among a group of four prisoners being escorted to the prisoners’ holding cell at the court when he launched his attack on Richardson.

The 20-year old youngster who was handcuffed to another prisoner rushed onto the Journalist, and with the use of his right foot kicked him on the chest.

Richardson rocked back a few inches before tumbling over a walkway plunging about five feet below onto the ground.

File photo of Beverly “Sweet” Worme being restrained by the policeman

He managed to pick himself up from the ground and appeared not to be injured from the fall.

Glen Worme – willfully attacked Johnson Richardson

The incident was witnessed by a number of jurors assigned to High Court Number One.

Worme is on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison awaiting trial for a number of housebreaking, housebreaking and stealing, and stealing charges that were committed last year.

When he was first brought to court last month, the youngster’s mother, Beverly Worme who attempted to assault Richardson for taking her son’s picture, had to be physically restrained by Police Constable, Kenneth Cummings.

Richardson has since made a formal report to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about Worme’s attack on him

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