Local Juice hits the market

Grenadians now have the opportunity to consume a variety of locally manufactured juices.

This is through the initiative of Canadians Jim Jardine and Stephanie Ryan who have combined efforts with Lennon Mapson, the “Cane Juice Man.”

Together they have formed a company known as “The Island Juice Company” that is located at Mt. Parnassus, St. George’s.

Jim Jardine – proudly displays the finish product of Golden Apple

The company was formed in January 2012, and one month ago started manufacturing and selling Golden Apple Juice.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY Newspaper at the plant last week Thursday, Jardine explained how the idea of manufacturing local juices was born.

The Canadian said while holidaying in Grenada in November 2011 with his wife, they went grocery shopping and soon discovered that they could not lay their hands on any local juices at the supermarkets.

He said that sparked a thought that there was an opportunity for him to invest in Grenada since local fruits are left to spoil.

Lennon Mapson – welcomed the new initiative

Jardine said he immediately made contact with the state-controlled Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) who introduced him to Mapson.

This newspaper was given a tour of the plant to look at its operations.

The golden apples are pulped into a mash after which they are pressed into a concentrated juice that is mixed inside of a four hundred gallon tank.

Inside of using preservatives, the juice is bottled hot and has a shelf life of three months. The juice has 170 calories per serving.

The Golden Apple Juice is currently available at major supermarkets and shops.

Within the next few weeks, other flavours such as a blend of mango and passion fruit, soursop, tamarind are expected to be on the market.

Jardine said the whole idea is to support local farmers.

“We are happy to help support farmers and to help lower imports. We’ll directly employ people at the plant… and we’ll indirectly employ people through delivery services and the farmers,” he added.

Mapson who has been manufacturing cane juice for 21 years embraced Jardine’s idea of manufacturing local juices.

He is hopeful that the products would become a household name locally.

“I believe it would be a number one seller. The future for it looks very great. It is one of the great futures I see in the business of that particular agro-industry,” he said.

Mapson is inviting the farmers to recognise that there is now a ready market for the fruits by encouraging them to invest more in their plantations.


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