LIME seeking VAT exemption on broadband service

Angus Steele – wants VAT removed from broadband service

One of the country’s telecommunication provider is seeking tax relief from the new Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government on broadband services to the country.

Addressing reporters at LIME’s quarterly press conference held last week Wednesday at its Mt. Hartman location, General Manager Angus Steele disclosed that the company intends to approach the new government to remove the 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) on broadband.

Steele believes the removal of VAT on the service can assist in ensuring greater affordability, as well as having a wider scope of the service.

“If we continue to have the economic crisis, as part of moving the penetration forward, we need to discuss whether there is a need for having VAT on broadband,” he said.

VAT, which is a consumption tax, was introduced in 2010 by the former Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government.

A previous NNP administration of Dr. Mitchell had also given a commitment to introduce VAT in Grenada.

According to Steele, broadband penetration throughout the island is high on LIME’s agenda.

The General Manager told members of the media that his company sees increasing the scope of broadband as part of its responsibility as an operator in the market to take the discussion forward and to the next level with government.

Steele acknowledged that there was a low rate of broadband penetration in the country somewhere between 25 and 29 percent and that LIME was committed to helping to see a much-improved situation.

He believes that broadband is key in the overall development of the country especially when it comes to developing the intellectual capacity of the people.

The LIME boss pledged his company’s commitment to educate the General Public on the importance of broadband in the country.

“I do plan to take those discussions to the public. If we need to get the public’s support to understand what we’re advocating here, I will certainly go to the public. I’m not a politician, but I’m a technology politician,” he said.

Steele also said that LIME will continue to work along with government and other stakeholders on the Information Communication Technology (ICT) agenda for Grenada since ICT is key for economic development.


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