Eleven-year Old Student Charged with Wounding

Principal Anthony Wellington – assaulted by one of his students

Violence at schools continues to raise its ugly head in Grenada.

A fracas at the St. John’s Christian Secondary School at Brothers in Gouyave, St. John’s last week Wednesday has resulted in the arrest and charge of an 11-year old student of the school and his 52-year old uncle, Cleo Sanderson.

The 11-year old youngster allegedly struck school principal Anthony Wellington with a cricket bat following an argument between the two inside a classroom.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, that prior to the physical contact, a schoolteacher intervened during the argument in an effort to get the student to show some respect for the Principal.

He said the principal was sitting on a chair inside of the school when the student attacked him with the bat.

The source said after the 11-year struck the principal on his head, he allegedly told him that he was going home for his gun to shoot him.

Wellington who resides at Black Bay, St. John’s was taken to the General Hospital in St. George’s for medical attention.

Uncle of the young schoolboy, Cleo Sanderson, also entered the school compound and fought with one of the teachers.

Police have charged both Sanderson and his nephew in connection with the disturbances at the school.

The youngster is charged with causing a wound to his principal, and with threatening language.

The 52-year old uncle was also charged with causing harm to a teacher, Jarvin Edwards.


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