BLOOD FLOWED AT WESTERHALL HEIGHTS …. Rampaging Youth Chop Two Persons

Three persons were left nursing injuries suffered at the hands of a cutlass-wielding man who staged a robbery at a private dwelling house at Westerhall Heights, St. David’s in broad daylight on Saturday.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a retired Grenadian nurse who spent most of her life in Britain and returned home to live permanently suffered the most serious of the injuries in the attack.

According to a well-placed source, the lady who is believed to be in her 60’s received a severe chop in the head from the attacker who was also said to be armed with a flare gun.

The source said that the house was left full of blood running on the floor as the rampaging youth, believed to be in his 20’s, also broke the finger of another lady in the house.

The attacker also used the cutlass to chop a visiting male person on the foot as he tried to flee for his life.

The source said that the lady got her finger broken as she wrestled with the man who broke into the house.

This paper was told that the injured man, believed to be a construction worker, was visiting the home when the intruder attacked him.

“The man was invited by the lady to come to the house to look at something she wanted him to do on the house for her. When he came up to the house, he saw the door wide open and found it strange since the lady is not the kind of person to leave her door open like that.

“He (the man) went inside the house only to see the lady lying on the ground bleeding. He thought she was dead. Before long, the person who was still inside the house attacked him.

The source said that the Construction Worker attempted to defend himself but was struck several times with the cutlass by his attacker.

He was forced to run out of the house and was eventually chopped on the foot by the intruder who chased after him with the cutlass.

It is believed that the youngster who broke into the house was able to steal a Dell Laptop computer, and a cellular phone from the property.

This newspaper understands that this was not the first time that the lady’s house was illegally broken into.

Police are said to be investigating the Westerhall Heights incident.

In recent weeks, there has been a spike in illegal activities in the country including a few house robberies and the theft of several animals especially goats and sheep from their owners.

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