17-year old displaying deviant behaviour

A 17-year old young man who once lived at the Fr. Mallaghan Home at Victoria, St. Mark’s, is proving to be difficult to be kept under control.

The young man who has had a string of incidents with the law has once again found himself in trouble.

He is suspected of violating the rules of various homes where he has been living.

The attention of Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill was drawn to the 17-year old behaviour on Monday by a female social worker.

She said that after having worked with the young man she believes that he has become rebellious due to the lack of attention by his mother who is not very supportive of him.

According to the social worker, the young man recently served a 14-month prison sentence for another incident, and was later placed on a bond.

A Police Officer confirmed to members of the media that almost every social worker and counselor on the island has worked with the young man.

The 17-year old who is charged with housebreaking was placed on $20,000.00 bail with two sureties.


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