Shameful Behaviour

It appears that Humphrey days are coming to a close. After serving the most powerful trade union on the island for years, it seems as though

he is prepared to leave the labour movement in shame and a distasteful manner.

TAWU’S election of officers is scheduled to follow our National Elections on February 21, 2013.

The President’s position for the first time will be challenged under Chester’s reign, and from all indication Chester Humphrey is not taking this matter lightly.

It is well known, that there are other positions up for voting on by the TAWU membership. It is reported in some quarters that Chester wants to be President-for-life, and is opposed to the nomination of some others to run for posts on the Executive.

Did the President-General call some of the nominees to inform them that they are not his choice? Did he present his own slate of candidates whom he will be able to control at the bend of his small finger?

If that is so then it is really sad to see the man who called himself President-General having to stoop that low to intimidate persons who want to serve their union, and want to see genuine change at the highest level.

Chess should know that some members are fed up with him, for his role as spoiler with his bunch of hardline communists who were in the NDC party mainly to short-change the Tillman Thomas government from achieving its full term.

A Zebra does not change his spot, and so Chester cannot change his way of life. When one looks at the behaviour of the gang of expelled members of the Congress party, you can see the level of pretense that exists in these people.

After entertaining the opposition (those now in government) and trying to see the collapse of the former NDC government by his many unfortunate utterances, Chester wants to keep his hand on power within the union without any challenges.

This is Dictatorship at the highest. Members, the time has come when we must not let Chester continue to drag the union down the drain. It is now clear he wants an Executive he can control.

Compare for one moment, the type of leadership his friend Peter wanted to bring in the NDC – Dominance and Control of every one.

Compare the NNP Leader with his Dominance and Control. TAWU members, that’s Dictatorship.

After going to sleep with the NNP and after hearing the NNP spokesman Patrick, he now wants to rush and solve some work place matters.

After failing to give proper representation to Breweries Workers, he was blaming the former government for his arrest. What did they have to do with Humphrey’s arrest?

I will like his members to answer, but, in answering consider his recent role with Patrick Antoine and the NNP Smart men. TAWU Members, a unit united cannot be defeated. Stand up and take a stand against your President-General’s behaviour for the good of your union.

He has failed you any many are questioning whether he should remain in charge of your organisation.

I wish you a successful election. Chess, this is not political, as you may want to think, but a son of the soil who watches the developments.


Spice Watcher

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