Women power in South St George

New National Party (NNP) candidate, Alexandra Otway-Noel, already confident of victory in the South

Amidst small gatherings of supporters clad in the colours of the contesting political parties for South St George, the three female candidates entered for the race expressed satisfaction with the smooth flow of the nomination process.

The first to make her appearance was newcomer on the political field, Alexandra Otway-Noel of the main opposition New National Party (NNP).

Her band of supporters amounting to approximately 25 clad in their green and white party colours walked to the Parliamentary Elections Office at The Limes, Grand Anse, last week Thursday morning to officially begin the task for the February 19 general elections.

Smiling for the cameras, Otway-Noel, a businesswoman by profession, knocked on the door of the Registration Officer and made her intention clear.

After a few minutes in the company of her six witnesses, which included former Health Minister, Ann David-Antoine, former Foreign Affairs Minister, Mark Isaac, and former envoy to Caracas, Richard Mc Phail, all of whom served in the NNP administration, Otway-Noel emerged from the office to loud clapping from her supporters.

In a brief statement with members of the media, she said that she encountered no problems, the process was smooth and that she is now fully ready to be elected the next MP for South St George, and to bring the seat back into the “House”.

Self-confident Merle Byer of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) leaving the Parliamentary Elections Office

Within moments of the NNP’s candidate arrival, Merle Byer of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) arrived for her assignment.

Dressed in a yellow sun dress and matching yellow-strapped high heel sandals, Byer and her handful of supporters quietly waited for the NNP candidate to depart before gracing the Parliamentary Office to be officially nominated.

In her unique fashion, Byer flaunted her attire before leading her witnesses into the office and within minutes emerged with a big smile plastered on her face.

She did not hesitate to disclose that there were no glitches in the process and that she is ready to keep the South St George seat within the Congress fold.

Grenada’s newest political party, the National United Front (NUF) under the leadership of former Labour Minister, Glynis Roberts was the last to have its candidate nominated.

The female party leader walked quietly to the office with a handful of her supporters.

With her eldest daughter by her side, Roberts like her colleagues entered the office with her six witnesses and emerged within minutes with a confident smile.

Speaking after with the media, she too expressed satisfaction with the nomination process before departing the compound of the Parliamentary Elections Office.

Reporters who converged on the South St George Parliamentary Elections Office were not as fortunate as other colleagues throughout the country as they were informed by Returning Officer, Jennelle Cenac, that the media is not allowed to take pictures of the official signing.

The more experienced politician, Glynis Roberts of the National United Front (NUF) ready to retain her seat

Apart from NDC, NNP and NUF, the other parties contesting the general elections are Good Old Democracy (GOD), People’s United Labour Party (PULP), Grenada Renaissance Party (GRP), Movement of Independent Candidates (MIC),

Grenada United Patriotic Movement (GUPM), and The Alternative.

The race also includes two Independent candidates- Raleigh Date and Raphael Victor Baptiste.


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